Likelihood of Surgery After Seeing a Surgeon vs. Seeing a Chiropractor

My colleague and friend Dr. Dan Sullivan stated, “Chiropractic does NOT treat or seek to cure anything…especially pain.” Can we HELP? Absolutely! Definitive YES, but probably not the way you may think!

Chiropractors don’t cure your body–your body cures your body. We remove interference to allow the body to heal itself. There’s a big difference! Studies show that the most important step in avoiding surgery is the kind of doctor you see first. If your first point of contact after back pain is a surgeon, the chance of going into surgery is 42.7%! If you see a chiropractor, you are able to find the same relief with only a 1.5% chance of surgery. Stats and research like this serve a great reminder that the world needs to understand the potential they can reach by receiving regular Chiropractic check ups and adjustments as needed.

With the amount of money and time lost in the current healthcare model— only drugs and surgery as solutions, and dangerous dependencies on opiates— Chiropractic care can help change the fabric of healthcare for millions of people. The amount of disease prevention, health savings, and quality of life achieved would be immeasurable!

We move the bones, and God does the healing. We adjust the spine to remove interference so your body, health, life and future can reach the Next Level.

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Dr. Blahnik

See the research here:

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