Customized Nutrition

Let us review your individual nutritional lifestyle and see how well it addresses your personal health challenges. We’ll help you make practical and simple step-by-step changes toward better nutrition for your mind and body.

Balance pH

Balance pH and alkalize your body to maintain health

Eat Good Fats

Eliminate bad fats and add good fats that are essential to good health

Avoid Sugars

Learn what to avoid and what to use to keep your food sweet and healthy


Replacing foods with healthier alternatives

Customized Nutrition

Why customized nutrition?

Your individual nutrition and lifestyle directly affect your personal health challenges. Customized nutrition can help you identify what foods are part of the problem. What you eat is likely affecting how you feel, and feeding your chronic symptoms.

Our Approach

We approach your customized nutrition by making sure your daily dietary intake of food naturally balances your body pH. When the body is too acidic as a result of acid-forming foods, high fat, mucus-forming foods, and toxic food residues, disease and infections proliferate. This is especially true in cases of arthritis and rheumatic situations. Most foods are alkaline by nature, but manufactured processed foods are acidic.

Your customized nutrition plan will emphasize adding natural and healthy foods including good fats and eliminating bad fats. Healthy fats are essential to good health. The human body uses fatty acids to do everything from building cell membranes to performing key functions in the brain, eyes, and lungs.

We’ll help you replace products with better alternatives, so your body nourishes with the right sources of nutrients for important health benefits.