Spinal Care


“…Look well to the spine as the cause of disease.”
~ Hippocrates – Father of Modern Medicine

Spine Care Specialization

At our Whole Body Health Centers we specialize in “structural correction chiropractic.” Simply stated, we move and re-shape the entire spinal structure.

We use the newest spinal technology and research to identify the root causes of chronic misalignments. We have learned to affect the nerves running to vital organs and the spinal cord itself; that is, the structure which carries impulses and information bringing health to all parts of the body.  Our patients walk out of our offices with much more than short-term improvements.

These unique procedures are accompanied by our unique policies. For example, our doctors show patients before-and-after x-rays to verify the occurrence of structural corrections. With these and other unique procedures, our patients enjoy good health for the long run.

The primary area of your Central Nervous System is the Cervical Spine (neck). The top two vertebrae in the neck, the atlas and the axis,  protect the base of your brain (brain stem). Misalignment (subluxation) in this area affects the function of every organ in your entire body.

Nerve impulses are sent from your brain through a forward curve in your cervical spine.  Neurosurgeons call this curve “The Arc of Life” because it is so vital to overall health and longevity.

The curve should be at 45 degrees. Any loss of this normal “arc of life” is considered a severe neurological problem. It will pull down on the base of your brain, stretch your spinal cord and compress your nerves. Loss of your normal arc will also accelerate spinal decay and degeneration.

Healthy Spine Unhealthy Spine

Explore the Research: 

Recent research (Spinal Kyphosis Causes Demyelinization and Neuronal Loss in the Spinal Cord) has shown the damaging effects that the loss of the cervical curve has on health. Here are the results of the study done at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, School of Medicine, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan and reported in the Spine Journal.


There is a significant correlation between the kyphotic angle (loss of curve) and the degree of spinal cord flattening. The spinal cord was compressed most intensely at the apex of the kyphosis, where demyelination of the anterior cord as well as neuronal loss and atrophy of the spinal nerves were observed. Demyelination progressed as the kyphotic deformity became more severe, initially affecting the anterior cord and later extending to the lateral and then the posterior parts of the spinal cord. Angiography also revealed a decrease of the vascular distribution to the compressed spinal cord.


Progressive loss of arch in the cervical spine resulted in degeneration of nerve fibers, chronic compression of the spinal cord, and decreased blood flow through the carotid arteries leading to decreased lifespan.


This is just another example of the devastating effects that Subluxation has on the body. This article in particular looks at what happens when there is a loss of the arch in the cervical spine. Here are the main things they found that subluxation caused:

  • Spinal Cord compression
  • Spinal nerve degeneration leading to organ failure
  • Carotid Artery Compression leading to stroke
  • Decreased lifespan and early death


Spinal Care Solutions
Before and After Spinal Corrective CareStructural Corrective Care Chiropractic: At our Ortho Integrative Clinic we emphasize “structural correction chiropractic.” Simply stated, we move and re-shape the entire spinal structure. This highly successful form of treatment is one of the specialties currently ranking us among the largest, fastest growing practices in the world. In addition we use the newest spinal technology and research to identify the root causes of chronic misalignment… [more]
Pain Management Chiropractic: Ortho Integrative Clinic is one of the largest pain management centers in Wisconsin. Our facility provides multidisciplinary approaches to pain management, including integrated therapeutic treatments.

Scoliosis Correction Treatment: It is our goal to effectively treat the condition of scoliosis without the use of bracing or by performing surgery. By implementing our proven methodology we can objectively demonstrate quality results with both pre and post exam and x-ray results.This incredible technology is able to detect problems that are not measurable by the doctor alone. It is so sensitive that it can even detect problems before they are painful. It also enables us to accurately track the effectiveness of treatment and allows us to communicate your findings more effectively. [more]

Spinal Tractioning: Our spinal traction services use manually or mechanically created forces to stretch and mobilize the spine. Traction may alleviate back pain by stretching tight spinal muscles that result from spasm and widen intervertebral foramen to relieve nerve root impingement, decompress damaged discs and restore proper spinal biomechanical function.
Whole Body Vibration Therapy: Our Whole Body Vibration Therapy is one of the few vibration platforms preferred by medical professionals and fitness trainers alike. Whole Body Vibration allows people with conditions such as Peripheral Neuropathy, osteoporosis, scoliosis, spinal corrective care, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Spinal Stenosis, stroke victims, Parkinson’s Disease, back pain, obesity and more, to benefit from vibration therapy, vibration exercise and vibration training on the plate within their personal limitations.

Cervical Vibration Traction: This vibration treatment has been shown to be clinically effective for scoliosis, herniated discs, sprains / strains, lordosis restoration, and retrolithesis & spondylolithesis rehabilitation. It can be used on ligament and disc problems. The V/T is effective on any type of “sprain”, spinal or extremities (shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, feet, etc).

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