Celebrating the Holidays

Growing up in a time when there were no cell phones, computers, or any technology for that matter, it seemed like the only thing that was permanent-markered on the paper calendar above the rotary phone were holidays. That thought immediately puts FOOD on my mind and the taste of pumpkin pie in my mouth. It also meant that I was going to see all of my relatives that I would not ordinarily see which was also exciting.

Although that picture may seem clear to those of us that are thirty or above, it still remains that even though we have all of this technology and busy-ness, we as the younger generations have to make a concerted effort to visit our loved ones. Kids in sports trying to compete for scholarships to go to college, both parents working overtime to pay for that “dream” Christmas, and filling up the rest of your day with Facebook and Celebrity Housewives does not leave much time for anything else. But there is always TIME.

When I was growing up, it was not about winning that big game or receiving that amazing gift. It was about my grandpa teaching me how to fish. It was about camping underneath the stars talking to family about how thankful I was to be there. See, it is not about the stuff, it’s about the experiences. My brother-in-law had said it best. He told the family that he did not want gifts for any of his remaining birthdays. He wanted experiences and he wouldn’t do any of those experiences without at least one person in the family. I think that was a great idea until he got a present to go skydiving 🙂 Anyway, my point being is that there has to be a concerted effort through this holiday season to spend time with family. It doesn’t come natural in this day and age because technology, which was supposed to free time up, has crammed more things to do in less time.

So, whether grandpa is on the other side of town, state, or in your house, slow down this incredible Christmas season to sit down and ask your elders how they celebrated these holidays. Doing this will let you know why neighborhoods used to be extensions of the family and friends were like siblings. Community was built on this type of action and being on purpose like this will alleviate holiday stresses enough for you to look out and see the one’s you love who are in need….that is the priceless gift. Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS and love like tomorrow is not a guarantee.

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