5 Major Reasons You Have Headaches

Headaches in the back of the head are often described as a tension-type headaches or even develop into migraines.  “Chronic Headaches” may be a more serious concern of blood vessel abnormalities, nerve disorders and side affects from previous traumatic injuries. Up to 80 percent of the adult U.S. population suffers from at least occasional tension headaches, with […]

40% of People Over 20 have a severe Spinal Disease, but can’t feel it YET!!

Pain is usually the last thing to show up after the problem a been there, and the first thing to go away before the underlying problem is corrected.  It’s crazy, but the reality is that the majority of all diseases that are the top killers in the US are considered “Silent Killers” because typically we […]

Likelihood of Surgery After Seeing a Surgeon vs. Seeing a Chiropractor

My colleague and friend Dr. Dan Sullivan stated, “Chiropractic does NOT treat or seek to cure anything…especially pain.” Can we HELP? Absolutely! Definitive YES, but probably not the way you may think! Chiropractors don’t cure your body–your body cures your body. We remove interference to allow the body to heal itself. There’s a big difference! […]

What your headache could really mean?

Headache Causes Do you have headaches frequently? Undetected and uncorrected spinal and posture problems are the most common cause of headaches, a warning symptom and a tell tale sign that you have spinal stress! Head trauma of some sort also leads to headaches. When people sustain a whiplash car accident injury 80% of the time they […]

Sitting More Dangerous Than Smoking

Sitting for extended  hours per day increased risk of death by 40 percent, regardless of other activity levels, found by Van der Ploeg and colleagues. Additionally, “May result in the loss of 30% of vital lung capacity” According to University of California’s director of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Rene Cailliet,  states that by, “pulling the entire […]

Global Warming Worsens Allergies

Trouble has started earlier this year for allergy sufferers and this year might be the worst so far, especially in the eastern part of the country. The pollen count in Atlanta, Georgia, where a count of 120 is considered high, has already reached a pollen count of 5,733! 1 The reason? Global warming. NASA reports […]

Restoring the Natural Cervical “Arc of Life”

CurveCords physical therapy

Engineered Curve Correction Cords have proven with patients, Chiropractors and Physical Therapist to be one of the most efficient, effective and cost competitive ways to help restore the natural Cervical Arc of Life, while stabilizing cervical spine correction. Reduce pain, build confidence and bounce back. with performance through resistance. “I immediately noticed absolutely zero Neck […]

Reverse the Age of Your Arteries

Reverse age of Arteries

Taking steps to reverse the damage to your arteries in minutes per day, simple effective proven results to slow down the aging of your arteries and literally add more quality and time to your body, future and life. Click HERE to watch YouTube video