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NEXT LEVEL HEALTH CLINICS are committed to community outreach. As part of our community outreach programs, we provide a variety of On-Site Health and Wellness Programs. Book a Wellness Workshop for your organization.

Our organizational and corporate wellness program is called My Body At Work, We customize topics, content and delivery to meet the specific needs of your employees, organizations, or church groups.

The most popular are Wellness Workshops that range from 30-45 minute “Lunch-n-Learns” to our 4 Week Corporate Wellness Challenge.

These programs and workshops are Free & Complimentary courtesy of our community outreach program and the USA Wellness Sports Council.

We would like to invite you to attend one or all of the MY BODY AT WORK programs we will be conducting.

What you will learn in a short time can be a Total Transformation! Our teachings have inspired thousands of doctors, churches, businesses, and people worldwide.

These WHOLE BODY HEALTH SOLUTIONS are not just found in our national best-selling books or a series of workshops. The reality is that these principles of health have become a global movement. Businesses, clubs, churches, civic organizations and sports teams around the world are now utilizing these WHOLE BODY HEALTH SOLUTIONS to transform lives.

Our programs include:

  • “Lunch-n-Learn”
  • Lectures
  • Tools
  • Workshops
  • Health screenings

More importantly, these MY BODY AT WORK programs give individuals, as well as, entire organizations a mission, philosophy, and empower people with an outline, a plan of action and the knowledge and tools to realize a enhanced purpose & increased performance in multiple areas of one’s life.  All programs are lead by qualified mentors and doctors.

Schedule a Wellness Workshop for Your Organization Today

Consider These Statistics:

When looking at 100 people in a typical American organization…

  • 80% have back pain
  • 78% are considered stressed at work
  • 50% describe moderate stress
  • 64% are overweight
  • 41% have heart or blood vessel disease
  • 35 are overweight by 20% or more
  • 49% have high cholesterol
  • 25% have high blood pressure
  • 60 sit continuously the entire day at work
  • 30% smoke
  • 5 have diagnosed diabetes
  • 5 have undiagnosed diabetes
  • 10 suffer from alcohol or drug problems

Research demonstrates that these stats result in lower morale, lower productivity, higher employee turnover rate, higher stress in working environments and higher health costs for both employees and employers alike.

Call our office today at 815-708-6195 and schedule Dr. Emmett to give a FREE talk to your organization.

Schedule a Wellness Workshop for Your Organization Today



What Organizations are Saying About
Dr. Emmett Blahnik’s My Body at Work Wellness Workshops

Capitoland Christian Church Appreciation Award

“Thank you for offering your community wellness services to our customers and associates. The workshop series and wellness screening were highly successful. Time and time again, you have faithfully reached out to our associates and our customers in order to increase awareness of health. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Bob Brooks, Wal-Mart Store Manager

Team USA named Dr. Emmett Blahnik Chairman of Wellness Advisory Council

target“Thank you for extending your community outreach program to our employees. The health seminar that you hosted in our Target store break room was a tremendous success. Once again, we appreciate that you volunteered your time to educate and increase awareness of health in the community. We would love to have you here any time.”

Erica Franco, Target Store Team Leader

Walmart“Thank you for offering your community wellness services. The workshop series and wellness screening were a tremendous success. Once again, thank you for volunteering your time on behalf of Wal-Mart. You truly did increase awareness of health in the community an for our associates. We look forward to working with you again.”

Terrance Wilson, Wal-Mart Store Manger

FARO1“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for chairing our health related Lunch-n-Learn over the past few weeks. The information you have passed on to all FARO employees has been both informative and helpful, and made them aware of changes they could do to affect how they feel today. Additionally, your approach to nutrition, exercise, etc is refreshing, fun and in my opinion, “out-of-the-box”. You are very well received by all the employees and they thoroughly enjoy your presentations. Again thank you for sharing your time and knowledge to all FARO employees, and we look forward to many more enjoyable sessions.”

Sharon Trowbridge, FARO Technologies, Inc

biglots“The wellness screening that you hosted in our Big Lots store was a tremendous success. Thank you for volunteering your time to educate us about health in the community. We would love to have you here again”

Stuart Wentworth, BigLots! Store Manger

“The main topic of conversation on campus the next day was the speaker that night! You made quite an impression! This was the third time that you have donated your time to come and share your experiences with our students. We hope that all of you have one thing in common-that you will return again next year! On behalf of the students, faculty, parents, and School Advisory Council, we extend our sincerest thanks.”

Andre Welch, Lake Mary High School Advisory Council

“At The Home Depot, we believe that maintaining a safe working and shopping environment is every associate’s responsibility. We have a comprehensive safety program that incorporates detailed safety standards, customer communication, associate training and accountability. In an unwavering commitment to safety, we strive to maintain an injury-free store environment. As we continue to improve and advance our safety program, we will stay focused on our goal to “drive to zero.”

Home Depot Corporate