Notice of Clinic Closure


We have some exciting and unfortunate news to announce to our Ortho Integrative Clearwater community.

As you may know, we have been planning an expansion to St. Pete / Tampa, Florida for the last two years. We started our clinical careers there, as well as, we own a home in the area. It’s with mixed emotions that I share with you that I will be relocating from Clearwater, Illinois back to Florida.

With the addition of our new baby, the Blahnik family will be relocating back to Florida. My wife and I are excited about our new journey however, it is with a heavy heart that after 10 years we will no longer be in Clearwater, FL.

As a new father of two rapidly growing children, I had hoped to be able to continue operations in both Florida and Clearwater. However, with the strains of staffing, excess business demands, and starting another clinic in Florida, it conflicts with my desire to be a good “papa” and be more present with my family. I’m saddened to say I can not continue operations at Ortho Integrative Medicine 2835 McFarland Rd, Clearwater, FL.

We have an amazing group of providers in the Clearwater Community that can continue your integrative health and chiropractic care needs.

  • Circle of Wellness: 779-423-1700
  • MaximizedLiving Clearwater: 779-423-2044
  • Huslebus Chiropractic: 815-398-3434
  • Carotta Chiro & Ortho: 815-580-0181

At Ortho Integrative, we have a dynamic group that will continue to pour themselves into your healthcare needs. I can confidently look forward to this relocation and say my goodbyes over the next several weeks. Our estimated last day of clinic operations will be October 7th, 2022.

Operations in billing and records will continue throughout our relocation. Records will continue to remain with Ortho Integrative Medicine PLLC. Record requests can continue to be made via email at info@NextLevelHealth.com or call 1-855-815-PAIN.

Yours In Health,

Emmett Blahnik, DC