New Patients

“Get Ready to Jump-Start Your Health!”

What to Expect

On Day One: Orientation

You’ll begin with a brief clinic orientation to get you familiar with all that is happening at Dr. Blahnik’s Ortho Integrative Clinic and then consult with Dr. Blahnik to begin a Comprehensive Health History and Bio-Structural Examination. Based on these results, we will recommend an individualized program based on a holistic – WHOLE BODY HEALTH approach to your present state of health.

During this visit, you may be recommended exams that include state of the art technology for detecting further causes, which may include Computerized Nerve System Analysis, as well as, Radiographic X-ray studies if necessary as determined by the doctor. We will discuss with you how these components contribute to your health.

After our New Patient consultation and exams we will schedule you and perhaps your spouse or significant other to come back for the 2nd Appointment to explain what we have found and how we can help you or how you can help yourself.

To better serve our Patients: All new patients begin with 2 appointments so we can do our best on your behalf and take the time necessary to diligently and fully study your case and exam findings. When things are rushed that is when important and often critical elements are missed. We set time aside when the office is closed to completely focus on your exams and x-rays to get the whole picture.

On Day Two: The Solutions

This 2nd appointment Consists of our Report of Findings including Clinic Orientation, The top leading Diseases and how to avoid them for you and your family and X-Ray reviews if applicable, as well as, Doctor Recommendations.

This will be the most important part of your appointments where we take the time to educate you about the findings, while teaching you about things like what X-rays should and should not look like.

We believe that this is what doctors should do, take the time to educate patients once again, which we do.

***We Strongly encourage you to bring your Spouse or Significant other to this appointment, what we have found is that it is extremely hard to reiterate all the information discussed pertaining to an individuals case and therefore to save time for you and your family having a second set of eyes and ears about your case is always best, especially when considering health conditions and decisions regarding your future. Your spouse should know exactly what is happening with you and the best solutions available.***

On an as-needed basis, you may require additional modalities of healing targeted to accelerate your health changes — and build upon your program.

Do You Value Your Health?

Obviously you value your health; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. We applaud your interest in taking control of your health. Now is the time to take it to the Next Level. Contact us now for more information or to schedule your 2-Day Comprehensive Evaluation.

Now Transform Your Health

This 2-day comprehensive evaluation, designed to jump start your optimal physical, emotional, nutritional and structural wellness. Schedule your appointment now. Book online and one of our team members will contact you to confirm appointment and explain details. You may also call us during business hours at (815) 708-6195.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my insurance cover care in your office?

A: Many people with insurance get benefits in our office and many with the same insurance don’t…what we will do for you is verify your benefits and let you know exactly what is and is not covered before anything is billed to you. You will not be charged nor your insurance charged anything until fee’s are discussed up front.

Q: How much does it cost for care?

A: That would be like asking your dentist how much it costs for care…It all depends on what is found and what is necessary to get you to your health goals. Some people simply want out of pain, while others want full correction and optimal health and wellness. We have financial care plans that work with all budgets.

Q: How long will it take?

A: Your initial visits are typically the most lengthy, but it also depends on the amount of time you need and the amount of questions and or concerns you have with the state of your health. Typically we would recommend planning on 30-45min for the first appointment.

Q: Should I bring my Spouse or Significant other?

A: Absolutely! We strongly encourage this, especially if the Doctor has specifically expressed that to you. Often we identify underlying causes that are hidden and significant. Like the majority of an iceburg being under the water away from what we can see on the surface. So it always helps for any family making decisions about your health and future to have a second set of eyes and ears. As Dr. Blahnik explains if, “My wife was told that she had arthritis, heart disease, or a spinal degenerative disease I’m going to make sure the Doctor shows me and explains it to me as well, so as a family we know exactly what to do.”

*Unfortunately due to state and federal guidelines this offer does not apply to medicare patients. All included services depend on doctor’s evaluation on individual patient needs.