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Bill Lost 40lbs in 40 Days

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Finally… An exclusive and unique weight loss program that turns your
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Improve Your Health and Your Looks

  • This program actually TARGETS the difficult to lose fat
    such as the belly, hips, buttocks, gut and “love handles”
  • Your face, complexion and body structure will all look better
  • Your vitality will increase
  • Your health markers will improve — (cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure etc.)
  • Program is PERSONALIZED for your individual needs…
    NO two are the same there are Quadrillions of possibilities so it is virtually impossible to have the same plan as someone else.

You may think that losing this much weight this fast is unsafe, and in nearly all cases I would agree with you. However, using this amazing NRF technology & protocol is not only safe and easy, but typically you will also discover that you won’t have that tired look that others have when they’re on a diet, you won’t be hungry, you won’t have that sunken, gaunt appearance in your face, blood tests will improve, your weight loss will be targeted to those most undesirable fat areas, you’ll feel better about yourself, have more self-esteem, and overall…

…just love your NEW you.

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TARGET the hard to get to UNWANTED FAT!!

Start today and discover how you can lose 20 to 40 pounds in only 40 short days, dramatically changing your appearance, your self-esteem, and your health!  The TYPICAL results are the men lose 35 to 45 pounds in 40 days and women lose 27 to 32 pounds in 40 Days!! We GUARANTEE at least 20 pounds in 40 days!!


This is the latest breakthrough research, information and technology on how to regulate the control mechanism to activate and maximize the fat burning hormones, while turning off the fat storing hormones!! This program goes straight to the cause of your health problem and is PERSONALIZED for you and your HORMONAL MAKE UP, thus allowing you the phenomenal advantage to reach your weight loss goals and get the weight off once and for all – for good!! This enables us to target the weight – to lose where you want to lose!

With This Program – Once You Reach Your Desired Weight:top3-comparison_ver2

  • You’ll Have Your Shape Back
  • Have More Energy
  • You’ll Sleep Better
  • And You’ll Have Your Self-Esteem Back!!

You will instantly discover the breakthrough that gives you the key to permanently raise your metabolism, lose the weight, reach your health goals, and transform your health & your life!

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Dr. Emmett is one of  the few Doctors in the world and one of only 2 doctors in the Midwest who are trained and qualified to use NRF Technology. Dr. Emmett is working side by side with Doctors who have authored 4 of the most advanced scans ever developed. However, this ultimate Fat burning scan is unlike anything else ever created, for it helps determine your body’s biological preferences to keep your body in the narrow fat burming zone. This scan took 30 years of clinical experience and many months of programming to create this phenomenal technological advancement, to help get you into the OPTIMAL fat burnng zone and lose 20 to 40+ pounds in just a mere 30 days!!