Renowned Wellness Expert, Doctor, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Coach and Founder of Ortho Integrative Cooperative Sounds the Battle Cry For “America’s Simplest Health Revolution”


Most people know about the story of the “unsinkable ship,” the Titanic, through American history and the Hollywood blockbuster movie. Considered the most luxurious and swiftest cruise-ship of its time, the Titanic was regarded by her crew and passengers as indestructible. A combination of nonchalant assumption and neglect resulted in one of history’s most notorious examples of hubris—a tragedy born of false pride and confidence.

Halfway through the Titanic’s maiden journey from England to New York City, the ship’s crew paid little attention to the warnings they received about icebergs in the North Atlantic. That very night, the Titanic collided with an iceberg, igniting a lethal pattern of cracks and fissures that spread across the ship like a pandemic. In less than three hours, the undoing of the Titanic was caused by a scrape that spread out into cracks and small fissures. The ship was thought virtually indestructible and because of that false sense of security there weren’t even enough lifeboats to accommodate all the passengers.

It’s a sad fact that history repeats itself. The Titanic was not the first—nor the last—tragedy that occurred due to mankind’s mental blindness.

Today, in fact, a frightening majority of Americans are blind-sighted. People are blind-sighted out of ignorance not stupidity. Even the most intelligent people can be misled with regard to their own health.

As with the Titanic, many people consider America’s approach to health and the healthcare system to be one of the best in the world. It’s viewed as the most luxurious and safest cruise-ship. Most Americans believe there should be no worries or concerns in the health care system and that’s the kind of consideration that refuses to contemplate danger, buoyed high by false hopes and untried confidence.

The truth is that the American people are sinking. It’s easy to see the stress fractures in the health of the American people, tiny enough that most people are still oblivious, and the fractures are multiplying at an alarming rate. It’s not that Westerners aren’t intelligent enough to figure it out, or keen enough to snap out of it and jump clear. It’s that the American public’s judgment on health is simply as good as the information they are given at hand.

So, ask yourself—What information do I have?

You are your own lifeboat. You are the captain who must learn the protocols to guard your own mental, physical and spiritual health. Will you heed the alarms? Will you take charge of your own health, your own wellbeing, and your own life? Will you pay attention to the warning signals that your body gives you?

When you take charge of educating, arming and caring for yourself, you will become one of a growing number of people who are revolutionizing the meaning and attainment of health in the United States due to the individual choices they make every single day. The 705 people who survived the Titanic disaster heeded the alarms. The more you familiarize yourself with your capabilities, your potential, and your power, the more you too can be rescued.

This is what Dr. Emmett is all about. Information. Knowledge. Information to inform you and knowledge to empower you.

Dr. Emmett Blahnik is a man on a singular mission. His mission is to change the trajectory of the health of the next generation of Americans by working cooperatively for the best interest of the people and public health.

A Doctor of Chiropractic (with a degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University), a board certified Nutritional Counselor and a contributor to the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best seller One Minute Wellness, he has operated some of the largest natural health clinics in his home state of Wisconsin, Illinois and throughout North America. Selected to be the U.S. Wellness Advisory Council Chairman, his passion to develop his Whole Body Health approach grew out of weekly community outreach events where he conducted workshops on topics like nutrition, exercise and fitness, stress and time management.

“I realized that people are thirsty for knowledge,” Dr. Emmett says. “While there’s a lot of information out there including numerous conventional diet books and programs. I noticed that so many people were in need of a leader to help them sift through the glut of material to find a simple and practical approach to healthy living. In my growing practice, I was helping adjust their spines, remove structural interference and improve the nervous system – but many clients were obese, sick, tired, stressed and depressed, on way too many easily prescribed drugs, and just not getting great advice from their doctors. They needed to make a substantial lifestyle change. Nobody was teaching them about nutrition and simple exercise methodologies.”

Dr. Emmett is a former fitness trainer; NCAA Scholar/Academic All-American in Wrestling and five time Ironman Triathlon Finisher. He was an official doctor to TEAM USA in the Multiple World Championship Games, CrossFit Games, and for numerous Olympic athletes and Ironman Triathletes.

His innovative strategies, inspiration and keen desire to help people reach their health and life potential are the foundation for his thriving practices. His consulting work reaches around the world and he guest lectures at universities around the country. He has the honor of being selected as one of the youngest doctors to serve at the Olympic and World team level. In his seminars, conferences and media appearances throughout North America, Dr. Emmett shows people how to apply his Whole Body Health Solutions designed to take people to the Next Level in health, happiness and life.

After years of serving the needs of thousands of patients, ranging from the unhealthiest and most obese to some of the world’s greatest athletes, Dr. Emmett has developed what he believes is The Next Health Revolution, or “America’s Simplest Health Revolution.” The concept is also the title of the revolutionary book he is releasing in early 2015: Simply Eat Real Foodsä.

With contributions from various expert doctors and prominent athletes (including many former Olympians), the colorful, highly illustrated volume offers step by step instructions on how people can change their lifestyle by developing new and healthy eating, exercising and overall lifestyle habits. It also includes tasty recipes that shows nutritious food can also be delicious.

“My goal in working with patients and writing the book is to show that real food tastes good and has the nutrients that our bodies were designed to thrive from,” says Dr. Emmett. “Our cells need a certain set of nutrients that are the building blocks of good health. These building blocks include proteins, vegetables and fruits that have the vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, and carbohydrates that our bodies are designed to consume.”

Dr. Emmett’s Simply Eat Real Foods® (S.E.R.F.)® philosophy is grounded in the idea that the complexity of the situation has nothing to do with the simplicity of the solution. By helping the public avoid expensive healthcare costs, bankruptcy, disease, unnecessary suffering and early death, he believes that this Next Health Revolution will change the trajectory of the health and life of the American public in the next decade. His aim is to inspire, educate and empower people to regain control of their health. A better quality of life means that the people who benefit from his program will get more “distance” or time with those they love.

He cites powerful statistics, which, combined with his years of personal experience with unhealthy, out of shape patients, were the catalyst for his program. According to findings, he says, America is a very sick country. Here are the facts: 1) 1 out of 2 people die of heart disease; 2) 1 out of 3 people die of cancer; 3) diabetes rates are climbing out of control; 4) America has an alarming 34+ percent obesity rate; 5) arthritic and degenerative illness is skyrocketing; and 6) asthma and lung problems are becoming more and more prevalent.

Interestingly, many of the patients Dr. Emmett has worked with believe their conditions are somehow out of reach and out of their control, but at the same time, lack proper exercise and make bad lifestyle choices. Dr. Emmett estimates that 90-plus percent of these problems are self-induced from bad lifestyle habits that leads to more costly doctor visits, insurance premiums, medication costs and the number one cause of bankruptcy from health care costs.

“Somehow from their doctors or other educators, they’ve formed a disconnect between poor health and what they put in their mouth,” he says. “They think high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease is hereditary. It’s something they’re born with —like a genetic curse. They come to me not bearing any responsibility for their problems. They don’t think they can change it. I’m there to confront them and set them straight on the fact that their health is not the responsibility of their doctor or spouse. It’s their own. The good news, I tell them, is that we can do something about it immediately. I help them take control of that one simple methodology —get back to eating real foods.”

Dr. Emmett believes getting experts, professionals, educators and parents engaged in the Next Health Revolution mission can reform the next decade’s health and eating habits by getting back to the basics and Simply Eat Real Foodsäonce again.

He and his expansive team of professionals would also like to implement this essential system as a minimum “Standard of Care” for people suffering from heart disease, Type II diabetes, inflammatory diseases and obesity treatment for all health practitioners.

“The current model is flawed,” he says, “because people can be prescribed a drug in 10 minutes with little to any further dietary or lifestyle prescription habits in hand. A new standard of care would radically improve the needs of patients and improve overall public health. We can get back to what our bodies were designed for and build REAL health, not just symptom relief using potentially dangerous drugs.”

As the name of Dr. Emmett’s clinic, Ortho Integrative Cooperative, implies, he sees this as a cooperative venture, but it is up to each individual to “invest in yourself and invest in your health.” How is this accomplished? It starts with a few basic questions: 1) is it REAL food or FAKE food? 2) Is it processed? 3) Did it live and grow from the earth naturally? The simple truth is that the further anything gets from its normal, natural state the more potentially dangerous it is for one’s health.

REAL nutrient dense foods are ones that are grass fed, free range, organic, NON GMO, zero antibiotics, No-Growth Hormones and are natural. These include things we eat everyday: meat, vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts, beans and seeds. Knowing what to avoid is equally important: fake food, imposter food, junk food, processed food, fast foods, colored, dyed, chemically altered food and refined carbs and sugars. These are the foods that are wreaking havoc on your health and future.

Encouraged that millions of people are already investing in their health and changing their bodies back to normal and healthy, “Not only will you give your body and health the necessary nutrients it needs to be healthy and thrive,” Dr. Emmett says, “but you will also begin to feel better, look better, have more energy and spend less on drugs, insurance premiums and doctors.”

Consistent with his mind, body and spirit approach to helping people, Dr. Emmett extends his concept of “Invest In Yourself” to the areas of life valued most. He urges his clients/patients to think about what is important to them, breaking these areas down to Spiritual Life (Faith or Purpose), Family Life (Relationships and Friendships), Physical Health Life (Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Function and Performance (Nerve System) and Stress & Time Management), Financial Life, Future/Focus/Vision, Professional Life (Career Development, Educational Development), Recreational Life (Hobbies, Fun, Travel) and Community Outreach (Serving, Volunteer, Mission and Purpose).

He asks people to think of the areas they value most like the rows they would care for the most in a garden. “We need to tend and cultivate and invest in these areas just like a garden otherwise it withers away, never truly reaches is potential and dies early,” he says. “So invest in these areas all of which are impacted by your most important investment which is your health. Unfortunately, the row we typically neglect and invest little time, the least extra money, focus, planning, attention is to health. If it deteriorates too much, it will also impact every other aspect of life that you have. Because when you lose your health, you lose everything.

Dr. Emmett’s powerful desire to help people achieve optimal health for a long and productive life comes from the multiple health and poverty related personal family tragedies he endured growing up. As a young boy, he witnessed his mother have two heart attacks at the age of 32 and then go on to battle cancer, endure a hysterectomy and battle a prescription drug addiction driven by hormone imbalances at a young age. He was also traumatized by how his mother’s addictions led her to lose her business and become homeless. “It was alarming when she would call me from different parts of the country seeking my help,” he says. “It was particularly devastating because it could have been prevented.”

Dr. Emmett also watched his father struggle with high blood pressure and heart disease and pass away at only 55 years old due to poor lifestyle choices. His grandmother died of cancer when she was 58 years old and he watched his grandfather literally “take his last breaths” after his own battle with the same disease. Most recently one of his sister-in laws is battling cancer and in the midst of the pain and madness of enduring all these traumas and losses he continues to find a meaning and a calling. His purpose in life is that he could spare others from having to endure the pain. His mission is to help people transform their lives and lifestyles to reach a better quality of life.

“I believe I have a certain calling that is part of my purpose in life, and I am blessed to experience the testimonies of patients time and again who left my care healthier and committed to making lifestyle choices that would reduce risks of unwanted and premature illness,” he says. “But the greatest gift I receive is even more intangible – it’s the terrible health story I never hear about, the cancer or heart disease that will never happen because I taught a parent, a child or a whole family a better way to live. Healing is wonderful, but I get even more inspired and motivated by preventing tragedies by helping people change their lifestyle habits and teaching them to Simply Eat Real Foods™. Imagine if we could teach a whole younger generation about this, and get kids to start eating smart early. Think of all the bad things they would never have to experience. Step by step, it’s our way of making a difference and changing the world for the better.”

“America’s Simplest Health Revolution” will change health in America when we Simply Eat Real Foods™.

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