How Kefir benefits Boobs, Butts, & Bellies

Although Kefir is less well known then its counter part cousin Yogurt, Kefir is getting its name and reputation more mainstream due to its popularity among trusted wellness physicians like myself, as well as, other health & wellness enthusiast for it’s super immune boosting and rejuvenating properties. Real health pioneers have known for years that adding Kefir to your weekly diet adds another dimension to immune supporting actions of fermented foods, such as yogurt, miso and kraut.

The body’s foundation for a healthy immune system begins with Digestion. Up to 80% of your immune system is controlled, regulated and facilitated with digestion. This is were that delicate balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria occurs.

Good vs Bad Bacteria
Good vs Bad Bacteria

We need about 80-85% Good and to help support this Kefir has been shown to actively destroy harmful invading bacteria.

Also amazing with Kefir is that it has been shown to slow the growth of tumors.  In 2009 research was presented at the International Immunonutrition Workshop in Spain on this subject.  The amazing research demonstrated a link between milk fermented containing the probiotic strain Lactobacillus helveticus and delayed growth of breast tumors. The study found that fermented milks can inhibit tumor growth by reducing the inflammatory response in cases of hormone-dependent breast cancer models and induced colon cancer.

Kefir also aids in the elimination of toxins allowing you to eliminate more unnecessary fat in your belly, thighs, and butt.  One of the probiotics “beneficial bacteria” found in Kefir is called Lactobacillius casei and is strong enough to fight pneumonia.

Traditionally Kefir has been known to boost energy, improve healthy longevity and even help relieve skin conditions.

Practical Tips for Kefir

  • Has more protein and calcium benefits than pasturized milk, but easier to tolerate for those with lactose intolerence.
  • Smaller curds make it easier to assimilate then yogurt, which helps in it’s ability to remove toxins via the digestive track.
  • You can find Kefir now days at most food stores but there are certainly differences in quality.  Pay attention to those with fillers, and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Make it yourself with Coconut water or even just water, try doing a little google search for making homemade Kefir.
  • Utilize Kefir as you would Yogurt, it makes an amazing base for smoothies because it has a tinge of a sour taste which is offset by the berries or fruit.

Check out this delicious Strawberry Dream Kefir Smoothie

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