Health is a Pursuit to Lifelong Learning

By Dr. Mark McCullough

Who am I? I am a husband, dad, advocate, pupil, doctor, teacher, consultant, coach; most importantly, I am a real person doing the best I know how to pursue the most and best in health and in life.

Accomplishments and met goals are just experiences for one to share and teach others of ways to prevent the same adversities so one can assist in adding to the person seeking to better themselves. And this is how it all started!

Education is a tool to better one’s understanding. With understanding comes confidence in the tasks required to get to a common goal. And life is a series of infinitesimal tasks that make the goal attainable and then you go to the next. It never stops.

We are given the gift of Health but it is up to us to take care of it. Healthcare is not the responsibility of a system or policy…. it is YOURS and MINE!

Our nation is composed of people who, wholly, control what goes on in voting, business, and in Healthcare. If 310 million people choose to take a stand, a new president could be elected, business climate changes, and Healthcare can too.

I began my journey as an adopted infant in a middle income family who was raised on a Midwest diet consisting of antibiotic and hormone-laden meat, potatoes, and pulverized dairy products as well as the typical illness-focused system of medical intervention which included all of the immunizations. This may seem like the norm for even most families today but this is the issue…there are ramifications for just falling into this system.

My experience in this model resulted in blood sugar issues since I was 8 and a near-death medical experience that now, at 42, and Type-1 diabetic, put me on a mission and vision to see a system reshaped and remodeled to become person, family, and community-focused so disease can be reversed and prevented and lives and health can be restored.

Simple, easy steps coupled with accountability to help nudge families and communities to a new level will afford people opportunities and confidences that are needed to restore hope and quality of life in this sick and suffering world we live in.

Insurance coverage is not the problem. The system is not the problem. The doctors and caregivers are not the problem; WE ARE THE PROBLEM!

The state of our Health Economy is in EXTREME HEALTH DEBT because corners are cut in our everyday lifestyles and that will ultimately put limits on your long-term ability to thrive.

Albert Tofler said it best, “The illiterate of the 21st century are not the one’s who cannot read or write but are those that are unwilling to learn, un-learn, and re-learn.” We have to change our mindset for your health status to change.

If we take our health back, there will be less insurance utilization. Less insurance use results in decreased premiums. Decrease premiums results in more for families to invest in self, family, and other lifestyle endeavors. Ultimately, you take your life back from inanimate objects like government, bureaucracy, health coverage, etc… It is a Master/Slave relationship when you put your life into the hands of an entity. The only problem is that you are not being enslaved by the master. You are making the choice to be enslaved yourself. Whole body health and wellness is designed to change all of that.

I have been running a wellness clinic for almost 12 years and inside the four walls of that building people have been affected in amazing ways. Lifestyles are being changed, miracles and healings are happening everyday but these individuals in one office can’t hold a candle to the wiles of “sick-care” marketing and “strategy” to take the shortcut and cover-up symptoms and keep running the race of life.

Lives and caring for your health have to be taken back. You need to actively pursue your health. Your priceless life, as well as your family, requires it in order to live a full healthy life with little to no limits. The truth of the matter is we are all going to die, but is it possible that we can pursue our health in a way that we can age more gracefully?

Maybe even skirt some of the diseases that we may otherwise get if we don’t take our health and wellness seriously? I don’t just think so; I know so! Join the band health pursuers and know that everyone one of us will make mistakes and fall down in our pursuit to health BUT just know that it is the participation in this that will be the only way you will receive the reward. Call now to find out how to start at (269) 964-3300.

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