A chiropractor is trained to help your children through infancy, childhood and adolescence.  Adjustments to the infant or child’s spine are tailor made to their size.

For most families, childhood is a time of joy, vitality and robust health. Children seem to be full of limitless energy and possibility! Yet, there are times when our children face various health complaints and injuries. Your Chiropractor is trained and able to help your family with all aspects of wellness care.

Ear infections are a common complaint of childhood. So are colic, viruses, bed wetting, sports injury, headaches, allergies, and even ADHD. Young people are no different than adults in their bodies’ ability to heal itself.  With the aid of your chiropractor and good nutrition, your children can be their healthiest.  After all, the human spine is present in adults AND children!

One of the focuses of training for a Chiropractor is in the treatment of infants, toddlers, children and teens. Chiropractic adjustments and care are just as safe and effective for them! So often, the most common health problems in childhood are related to disruptions in the nervous system.  Subluxations of the spine can begin at the birth process, from normal childhood falls, and adolescent sports injuries. Adjustments are very gentle and specific to help them with restored health.

The link between the spine, nervous system dysfunction, and childhood health issues are common. A thorough chiropractic examination can reveal noticeable spinal problems and even a change in the normal neck curve. With a schedule of safe and natural chiropractic adjustments, the body can heal itself. Most often a child responds much faster than an adult because the nervous system is more active.

Even medical doctors are seeing the benefits of treating children from ALL disciplines of health care, with a special focus on chiropractic. From the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics:  PEDIATRICS Vol. 105 No. 1 Supplement January 2000, pp. 214-218

Article Source: Chirotopix.com

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