10 Healthy Travel Ideas For The Holidays

10 Healthy Travel Ideas For The Holidays

Typically when we prepare for the holiday season it can feel like an extra 10 pounds of stress is added over the next couple months and 10 pounds of fat added to the old saddle bags for the next couple years.

Our travels for the holidays are geared toward reconnecting with family and friends often jam packed with social functions, which…let’s face it. Doesn’t really give two turtle doves about your cholesterol levels, digestion problems or inflammation.

Nothing sucks more then being sick away from home.  Even the healthiest of us can run our self down and weaken the immune system to the point that we feel crappy.

This year can be different and will be different with just a few quick tips that will help you not only minimize the stress, but also leave the extra 10 pounds of baggage.

1) Plan for the battle

I’m not trying to sound too cynical here, but knowing that there are more heart attacks, more suicide, more weight gain, more diagnosis then almost any other months of the year…You have to fight for your health and your families health.  It’s OK not to over-indulge just because everyone else is.

If possible get familiar with the area you are headed and find a local health and wellness food store and maybe even a local gym, YMCA, or mall to do some mall walking.

Plan your “vacation meals” or “vacation days” for your Vacation.  What some consider to be a “Cheat Meal” or “Cheat Day”…we refer to as a “vacation meal”.  It’s ok to indulge without the guilt just have a plan to get back into the 80/20 rule of eating healthy.

Here are some helpful planning ideas to keep in mind.


2) SERF:  Simply Eat REAL Foods

Challenge yourself and you family to simply eat real foods by avoiding the over processed, refined carbs and grains.  With almost the entire country 34+ Obese we need to spread the health and get everyone eating real foods again.

3) Get your Whole Body moving

In the Midwest it’s freezing, but our family makes a point of bundling up and getting out in the brisk cold winter snowshoeing, walking the dog, sledding with the kids, building a snowman or even going to a local gym or mall to get a few laps in.

4) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

DRINK UP…and not just Starbucks, but rather….Pure water and lots of it!  You should be drinking a minimum of ½ your weight in ounces of H2O daily.  Water is the best choice when Doc says “drink more fluids.” Cells need to be hydrated to engage their defenses. Warm liquids may provide similar soothing effects as steam. Try green tea, herbal tea or warmed juice! Only freshly squeezed or juiced will be your best choice and can be a good source of nutrients and antioxidants, but don’t overdo it because all types of sugar can inhibit the immune system.

5) Pack Healthy REAL Food Snacks

If you are in the car, plane, hotel or grandma’s bring some of your favorite healthy snacks.  Don’t expect things to be as readily available.  So stock up on the Almonds or mixed nuts, fresh fruit, berries are my favorite to eat while driving, organic bars, coco-nibs for those chocolate lovers.

6) Bring Fitness with You

Pack a Health Book, Fitness DVD, and simple fitness equipment like rubber resistant bands, small dumbells, jump rope, stepper.  The goal here is to  stay connected and engaged in your health and fitness journey.  Reading a new health book might just give you that extra nudge to stay 80/20 or at least 70/30 for the Holidays.  There are plenty of amazing at home fitness video’s with short duration but high effectivenss like P90X or BurstFit.com, you will be amazed when your little niece wants to do yoga with you.

7) Vacation in Moderation:

Be mindful when you have your “Vacation or Cheat” meals, drinks, and dessert days…this doesn’t mean you’ve totally retired or abandon ship.  Stay the course and be mindful not to overeat and drink the wrong drinks too much.  Remember to SERF Simply Eat Real Foods.

8) Essential Travel Supplements

  • B-Complex Vitamin: With the extra, extra, extra planning, stress of travel, finances, family members etcetera you body needs to replenish many of the metabolic pathways burned up by excess stress.  I recommend B-Complex 50 3x Daily
  • Multi-Vitamin: Carbs and sugars are anti-nutrients that will essentially leach valuable vitamins and minerals from your body, so plan on bringing a trusted multi-vitamin.
  • Vitamin D3: has great value while traveling because it has valuable anti-microbial properties to fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.  Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is an essential nutrient that is identified as a “pro-hormone” in the body. It goes to work at the DNA level in supporting multiple body systems to promote health and boosting immune function.  I highly recommend at least 50% of your weight x (100IU)
  • Greens Powder one easy way to get more greens is to take supergreens supplements. Consuming greens supplements, such as powders and juices, can be a convenient and reliable way to help you get your necessary daily intake of green vegetables — and then some
  • Probiotics:  Studies show that probiotics can help with a great deal by warding off infection and boosting immune systems, as well as helping to improve women’s health and perhaps even fighting obesity.

9) Explore

Get out and find something new everyday.  Go places you have never been, find a path and get walking, jogging or biking.  Use your body to navigate this journey and find new areas of a familiar city by connecting locally.

10) Smile and Laugh Often

There is something rejuvenating when we laugh out loud.  I wish we all could laugh and smile as much as we did when we were kids.  Watch your kids how they are designed to laugh spontaneously without effort.  Enjoy the gift of laughter and when you smile…even forcefully to another it immediately lifts their level of social and emotional connectedness.

I hope this helps you and your family in this journey to “Spread The Health”.

Blessings and Safe Travels,

Dr. Blahnik

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