Health for Schools

Dr Emmett Blahnik and Director Dr Nardeli

In speaking personally with Dr. Nerad I’ve learned that our mission is similar to help educate parents and the community about the health and wellness of our future…starting with kids. We are committed to working toward a healthier and happier community through our community outreach programs in Health and Wellness with My Body At Work for raising healthy kids in Dane County at the Boys and Girls Club.

When I asked Dr. Nerad what Wellness and Health Prevention means to the Madison School District he said, ” Thank you for asking because it is one of our top priorities, we are committed to whatever it takes”.

That is someone I want to be involved with; committed not just interested, I’ll be looking forward to seeing his commitment. Dr. Emmett.

Learn more about our Healthy, Happy Kids community outreach programs by emailing or calling us at info@MyBodyAtWork.com

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